Become a Member

Become and official Sea Moss Alliance member for just $50/yr to get access to member discounts on orders and heavily discounted group buying opportunities.  Member discounts DO NOT apply to subscription orders, which are already at the highest discount level. 

Member Discounts

Member discounts increase as you buy.  So once the total amount you’ve spent thru Sea Moss Alliance reaches each level, your discount automatically increases and the prices you see when you’re logged into your account will be the discounted price.  

 Member Level Discount Total Spend (Cumulative)
New Member 5% $0
1 7.5% $500
2 10% $2,500
3 12.5% $5,000
4 15% $10,000


Volume Discounts

There are also additional discounts based on volume according to the table below.  For example, a red member buying 5 units would have a total discount of 10% (7.5% member discount + 2.5% volume discount)

 Order Quantity Additional Discount
5-9 2.5%
10-24 5%
25-49 7.5%
50+ 10%


Once your membership payment is confirmed, the prices one the website will automatically update to reflect your member discount when you are logged in, and you'll started to receive member-only emails with special offers.